The Triathlon Training Plan

By Fred Landry 

Triathlon training plans shouldn't be a hassle. Training for a triathlon should be simple, effective and manageable. The best tips and guidelines laid out in this guide will surely enhance and improve your performance while doing it without time constraints.

Initially, plan out your workout routine. Make sure that you have enough time before a coming race if there are any. A good workout plan would need to be around 8- 12 weeks. 4 weeks is the minimum if you have a solid athletic background and fitness level, otherwise try going for 12.

Be sure to be able to follow the plan without any interruptions. As early as possible, plan out your rest days that you will use for leisure and other activities. Try to be realistic with your plan, you training should be manageable, and should not bother you too much. The workout would consist 6 straight days with one day of rest. Feel free to choose when your rest day will be.

Your workout plan should focus on 2 sports every week. Subsequently, do a different sport every week and repeat the process. During the first few weeks, take at least one day in between to do just light cardio. Eventually, your body will be able to adapt and be ready for more intense training sessions.

During the last 4 weeks of your training, do a brick workout at least once a week, which is composed of doing consecutive workouts that follow another one with little or no rest. Doing this will let your body adapt to shock and be ready for a real triathlon.

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