Discover Why a Career As a Social Worker Could Be the Job for You

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By Ruth Williams

Are you interested in working on the frontline, helping people who are truly in need? Do you have transferable skills and enjoy flexible working hours? A career as a social worker could just be the job for you.

Thes types of jobs can involve working with a diverse range of people and age groups for a various number of reasons. You have the option to choose what area of social work you wish to major in, and that gives you the flexibility to decide who it is you want to help and how.

As a social worker, you could be supporting children, families, the elderly or those with a physical or mental health condition. You could be working in the home, the classroom, the hospital or a residential environment. It's about what inspires you and where you feel you can make the biggest difference. 
The following are just a handful of examples of the roles social workers can play.

For instance, social workers can provide support and assess the needs of children in school, at danger of neglect or abuse, or teenagers who are displaying difficult behaviour. In their work with families, social workers can assist families who are struggling at home or who are supporting a family member with mental or physical health problems.

Health is an area of social work in and of itself. As a social worker supporting those with health problems, you could be working with people with a disability, people with mental health concerns, or victims of substance abuse. There are elements of health support also involved in working with the elderly and infirm.

So as a profession, social work is varied and can involve a great deal of frontline interaction with people of all ages, backgrounds and needs who rely upon the support of people like you. If that sounds like something you would be interested in, why not find out a little more about the advantages of becoming a social worker?

For instance, social work is a famously flexible career choice. A great many jobs in the social care sector are not 9am - 5pm or Monday - Friday. On the contrary, as someone who is supporting a vulnerable person or family, you could be required to offer your assistance on the weekend or through the nights.

While that may be something of a demand, it does mean that you have some flexibility to adapt your working hours around your schedule. As with many other flexible roles, this makes social work an appealing profession for young parents and families.

So who can become a social worker? Well, to take any social worker position you must hold a GSCC certified qualification. Beyond that, you may require some personal skills when working closely with vulnerable service users. For example, qualities such as compassion, patience, understanding and a willingness to help are very beneficial.

So if you want a career helping vulnerable people and offering support to allow them to continue with their lives, a job as a social worker might just be perfect for you. With a few key qualities and a qualification, it could be your next big career move and a chance to work flexibly doing something you love.

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